Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lyfe or is it Life, No It Is LYFE

I was at the Dollar Tree yesterday and came across this product in the refrigerator section:

It comes to 7 points plus and I can say it looks almost exactly as the photo on the box.

I had never had steel-cut oats or quinoa but had heard great things about them.  I failed to see there was coconut in it though.

Anyway, I had it this morning.  The coconut was light enough that I didn't taste it (I despise coconut); the oats and quinoa were bland in  my opinion.  If you are someone that likes these, then your opinion would be different on this product for sure; but I definitely needed to have the fruit with every bite to give it some flavor.  I decided to get online, look up the company and see if there were other flavors.

As it so happens, there actually is a Lyfe Kitchen Restaurant Chain; none in my area - but there are some out there.  From that site I was directed to their grocery line (no longer called Lyfe):  Luvo
The change in the product name must be why I was able to find them at the Dollar Store (old packaging).

To my disappointment there are no other oatmeal flavors, but they have some flatbreads that look fabulous!  I'll have to check for their products at my regular grocery store.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

50 Posts In a Row #50


The End.......

Thursday, April 10, 2014

50 Posts In a Row #49

I was down 1.8 at Weight Watchers tonight!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

50 Posts In a Row #48

Saw a beautiful guinea pig in a store today...made me start thinking of all the ones I've had 
(course this isn't all of them):

Monday, April 7, 2014

50 Posts In a Row #46

One of the things I love at Weight Watchers are the little "charms" you get.  CC makes fun of me over my obsession with gadgets...but it's always nice to get something.

Anyway, my first round with Weight Watchers I ended up with this:

The Key Ring you get when you've lost the first 10 % of your weight. The hands with the 16 on them are when you've reached your first 16 weeks (which supposedly means you are more likely to stick with the plan); the 5K we got for walking a 5K; the star is for reaching goal, the gold key is for Lifetime status and the washer type one you get for every 25 lbs. you lose (I lost 40 total, so only earned one of those).

This time around, it changed just a tad bit.  We got the new key ring for attending 4 out of 5 meetings, which was a special thing WW was doing, you now get it at your 10%:

It comes with the WW charm on it.  The little running guy we got for doing 4 weeks of increase in activity.  It wasn't much for us, but more than we were doing - so it counts.  Technically, I guess we should have the 16 week hands again, but that is just nitpicking; but when I get my 10% this time, I really want it well as any washer.  I'm always considered Lifetime so I don't know if that will happen again or not.  We shall see, but WW is adding new charms all the time.