Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Good Weigh In

And so my weigh-in this week ended in a 3 lb. loss!  You read that right - not point 3, an actual THREE POUNDS!!

When I mentioned in my last post that the stomach virus that I had gave me a substantial loss that I had hoped to maintain....well I did!  Now the big challenge comes with moving on from there.  I need to lose another 2.6 to meet my first goal of 5%.  That will mean a new charm for my key ring!!  I don't know if that is possible by next week, but certainly I can do that within the next 2 weeks!

So I'm hoping the weather warms up just a little so I can get some decent walks in; that would be so nice!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Yes It's Been Awhile

I've been off the grid a bit, but hopefully am back for some more current postings.

My last weigh-in was a loss.  I had missed the weigh-in before and this week's weigh-in (I was sick both times) so I just kept my weight the same as the week before and put an asterick (*) to indicate that it isn't an "official" weigh-in or rather not a weigh-in at all!!

Other than being sick, not much is happening.  If I can maintain where my weight is right now, I'll have a very good weigh-in next week.  But it's mostly due to that stomach virus and not hard work! However, I would like to maintain it anyway and just move on from there!  No since on letting sickness loss go to waste!

Oh, I know....some people would bash me for that, but what can I say???  It's not like I'm starving myself or forcing myself to throw up or anything.  It was a sickness that happened.  I've no doubt by weigh-in some of that weight will be back due to regular eating habits.  But I can always hope right???

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I'm Not Alone

So I'm not alone.  Everyone is trying to "regroup" their weight loss and everyone's blogging about it:

Are You All Talk, No Game

I'm Just Gonna Say It

Less Talk, More Action

The Aftermath: A 20 Pound Weight Gain

Get It Over With

"Get It Over With" was one of my very favorites and a phrase I'll be using a lot.  Time to "Get It Over With" and "Do It"!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Alrighty Then.....

Well I started well, but my birthday weekend took me way off course; once off that course I just kept going.

Knowing a bad weigh-in was going to make it worse; I opted out of the weigh-in and meeting this week.  I just needed to regroup.

My regrouping brought me to TOPS which stands for Taking Pounds Off Sensibly.  Oh, I've no intention of switching from Weight Watchers to TOPS; but I found an interesting article on their website which was related to my dilemma The TOPS 10 Ways To Regroup After A Setback.  I mean really?  Was this a sign or what?

Three of the items really caught my eye:

1.  Remember how far you've come.
2.  Pause to think about your triumphs.
3.  Return to what inspires you.

I was at work on Monday crying on the shoulder of a co-worker (that's just a figure of speech, I wasn't actually crying), when she asked me "Where would you be right now if you wouldn't of gone back to Weight Watchers?"  I knew that answer immediately, I'd be over eating and probably well over 200 lbs.  She made me realize that maintaining (even if it is way over lifetime goal) is better than gaining.  So there's something working there.

Then I opened a dresser drawer this evening and found this:

My achievements from my first journey with Weight Watchers.  The achievements I hid out of the way so I didn't have to look back at my success as I was on a new journey.  It made me realize I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL, I just need to push myself to the right mind set.  I need that key chain of success in front of me, telling me that I CAN DO THIS.

I also upped my daily step goal on my fitbit and despite it being too cold for me to even consider walking outside (though today was rather nice) I'm learning I can get steps in by just walking in place!  I actually hit that new goal today and earned 3 activity points.  YAY ME!

So off to the next phase of my journey.....

Saturday, January 31, 2015

And Then There's The Birthday...

So my birthday came and went.  I spent the day at work, which was uneventful though I did have courage enough to turn down a doughnut in the morning (non-scale victory).  After work, CC took me to dinner and then a movie.  Food wise I did okay for breakfast and lunch - I did a smoothie for breakfast (6 pts) and leftovers for lunch-roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and corn (8 pts).  I had planned a little healthier for dinner but the restaurant was way too busy so we went to the local Mexican Restaurant instead (busy but no wait) where.......I probably overly ate, then there was movie popcorn.  I did my points as honestly as I thought it could be using 35 points for dinner (damn those free chips and salsa) and 12 for the popcorn (I don't put butter on my popcorn).  Coming in 60 pts for the whole day!  A lot, but that's why I have those weekly points.

Hubby is taking me to dinner tonight and to buy a laptop case on wheels (which is what I asked for). So I'm going to start looking at restaurants in Chambersburg that I can figure out point values for. One bad day can't continue through the weekend.  My goal for weigh-in is to be 1 lb. down.

My birthday weekend will end at my parents tomorrow for spaghetti with chicken (instead of meatballs), so I'm planning the rest of my day around that.  We're not Super Bowl people so I don't have party food to worry about!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weigh In and Skinnytaste Cookbook Review

Weigh-in resulted in a .6 (point 6) gain this week.  Not good - the weekend just threw me off!
What I liked though was the receptionist and leader after my weigh-in asked me something that no one at my old meeting location ever has "What can we do to help you?"  I knew why they asked, my weight is up and down and all around but nothing consistent and I know why - I'm just only "kind of" doing it.  I admitted it, they told me to set a goal and work to achieve it.  My goal? I want to have a pound loss next week and I want to put some exercise into my routine.  So I guess it is time to dust off the Wii Fit and I bought the WW 10 Minute Time Crunch Pack (which they gave me a discount on).  On top of that, my leader always does a drawing each month to "clean out the cabinet" as she puts it and for the second month in a row - I WON!!  I got a plastic water pitcher(not WW related), the WW cookbook "Master Your Meals" and the collapsible measuring cups.  Nice Deal!

If you've been anywhere within the WW community the past few years than you are very familiar with Gina Homolka and her website Skinnytaste and now there's the Skinnytaste Cookbook.

Again - another cookbook with more than just recipes, the front section is a wealth of information everything from answers to the most common excuses for not eating healthy to taking charge of your kitchen.  Lots of helpful information.  And well, if you've every been to the website - well the recipes speak for themselves.  Again, lightening up of everyday dishes, who knew it could be so easy!!

So I made out very well with the cookbooks - now to put them to use!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dashing Dish

Dashing Dish is by Katie Farrell the creator of the website Dashing Dish.

I knew I'd love this book before I ever got it.  I just LOVE Katie's website so the book had to be fantastic.  These recipes are designed for "clean" eating but are the every day foods that you love!

This book starts with lots of information ahead of the recipes:  Tips for clean eating, Kitchen Staples, Tips for Dashing Dish recipes, eating on a budget, eating out, special occasions, developing healthy habits, snacks and meal planning.  Everything you'll ever need.

The recipes are simple and healthy.  Nothing out of the ordinary - just plain regular recipes that you'll love.  This book is worth the buy!