Saturday, July 19, 2014

I've Been To The Beach And Back.....

This year hubby and I had to give up our annual Myrtle Beach trip in August; but I managed to wrangle a beach trip to Ocean City, MD with my sister, nieces and great-nephews.

We went down from Sunday to Thursday and had beautiful weather.  The water was extremely cold (we're not far enough south for it to be warm) but I'm not a big "getting into the ocean" person anyway - though I LOVE sitting on the beach.

We had a really good time and to continue with the "50" Links; here's some things we did:

26.  The Crab Bag (LOVED the crabs here)

27.  Smitty McGee's

28.  Dumser's

29.  Bayside Skillet  (was totally unimpressed with this place)

30.  De Lazy Lizard (good but nothing special)

31. Happy Jack

32.  Ocean City Boardwalk

33.  Seaside Country Store

34.  Bethany Beach (love this area and the boardwalk is very nice)

35.  Thrasher's French Fries

Yeah, we ate alot!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

50 Links

Links To Places I Love:

16.  Myrtle Beach, SC

17.  New York City

18.  Ocean City, MD

19.  Boston, MA

20.  Baltimore, MD Inner Harbor

Places On My Bucket List:

21.  Grand Canyon

22.  California

23.  Ireland

24.  Scotland

25.  England

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"50" Links

I've been lacking in posts recently, but want to do some more "50" posts in honor of my 50th birthday this year.  So I'm going to give 50 links (not all in one post) of some great, inspiring and  interesting things that I found enjoyable and hope you do to:

1.  I Wore A Bikini and Nothing Happened

2.  Maybe You Get Bad Customer Service Because You're A Bad Customer

3.  10 Signs That A Weight Loss Company Is Lying To You

4.  How To Start Again

5.  How To Clean & Organize Your Refrigerator

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lots and Lots of Kitties

It's Kitten Season - and your Humane Society and local Rescues are loaded with kittens.  Plus I see dozens and dozens of listings on FB with people looking at homes for kittens and have more on the way.

Why oh why???

Why would you continue to breed if you still have kittens from the last litter?  Why breed at all?

Ever see all those feral cats that live in the wild?  At some point, those cats somewhere in history started as someones pet.  Not a good thing.

Please stop breeding!!!

And for those looking for kittens - why is a female a must?  What's wrong with a male?

Remember if you adopt from a Humane Society or Rescue your kitten will be vetted - spayed/neutered, all initial shots, tested for feline leukemia, wormed and microchipped.  A cat that is safe to take home to your family and other pets if you have them.

But answer those "free kitten" ads - what are you getting?  Why does this person have kittens?  Why did they not have their cat spayed?  Is there health guaranteed?

Let's be responsible pet owners - get a kitten?  Get it fixed!!

A Bad Hair Day

Yeah, I haven't been posting.  I'm still rather upset over the whole Weight Watchers thing, so it has me down.  CC did continue to weigh in until her membership expired.  The new leader tried to push their products.  So we're guessing that was the reason our leader lost her job - not enough product sales.

Also hubby lost his job and we've been dealing with the aftermath.  Fortunately he has a new one starting Wednesday; but those few weeks lost will still have us a little backed up.

Thursday I had to rush out of work to CC's house.  She was sick and it sounded emergency enough to leave.  Ambulance to the hospital, all day in the ER and then diagnosed with vertigo.  At least it wasn't a stroke or something; but it did ruin her planned weekend to Cape May.

Then...........this is where the bad hair day comes in:

I have a really good stylist, by really good I mean he's like those high end big city type stylist.  Unfortunately, his haircuts have high end prices and with hubby having no job, well I needed a cut and couldn't afford a cut from him.  So I went totally to the other end of the barrel - Holiday Hair Fashions.  I walked in with a photo of myself from last year with the cut I wanted.  I didn't get that AT ALL.  I'm not quite sure what I ended up with, what I do know is that the sides weren't even and big chunks were missing - I was horrified!!

The next morning I decided to check my regular stylist's schedule - he had no appointments.  So I got online and looked at other hair salons in my area, once I found a photo of stylists that didn't look like they just graduated salon school, I went there.  They couldn't believe my hair - they said they could fix it, but it would mean going extremely short.  I told them that I could accept that, I was prepared for it.  And you know what?  They did a great job! And I actually really love the cut! And the person that did it just may be my new stylist.  I love my old stylist but those prices.........  Anyway, if you're ever in the Waynesboro, PA area stop at Snips (across from Turkey Hill) for a great cut!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Remember my post last week on our Weight Watchers meeting being eliminated at the new location?


Anyway, tonight was the last Thursday meeting.  We were very distressed to learn that not only was the meeting time gone, but so is our leader.  Despite being told by a substitute leader last week that our leader would be at the new location, she won't be.  And Weight Watchers has given her no reason as to why she no longer has a job.

The only thing she said they've ever been on her case about was to sell more of their processed products.  Apparently our group being the largest and the best at losing weight doesn't matter to them - they just want to see product sells.

Shame on you Weight Watchers!